Monday, 27 January 2014

Playing with beads

I have a speed of a turtle with my hooking and knitting these days. Little Lady's still fevering, sneezing and hanging on my arms like a little monkey.
I'm extremally lucky if I have an opportunity to knit one round a day :)))
Since I'm knitting with needles 3,5 mm you can imagine how the project bilds up....

But I do absolutely new thing - I bead while knitting.
After 4th day I can say I do better and better :))) My hands seem to adjust to such precise moves, the floss does not delaminate...that much. It's pretty tough since the hook size is ..........0,5 mm!!!
I did some google research how to bead and after damaging kind of a tool that helps to bead the floss I've decided to try another method - tiny crochet. It was pretty hard to buy one. Some sellers ( and shoppers too) were quite surprised when I asked for it.

But now I do my beading thing and here I'm sharing with you some photos I took while knitting

Enjoy ;)

piece of the project

 my beading set

see how tiny the hook is?

For almost a year I did not have the idea what I coud use this yarn for.Now I know why...I needed those beautiful beads to go with my carrot red yarn :)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

"Something pretty" done

Just like I said - the project is ready before the weekend...but not the one I've planned ;))

It's absolutely out of control when the child doesn't sleep few nights in a row, the other one is supposed to learn by heart some rhymes, then both start coughing and one day you find out it's Thursday...but the next week.

It is a light set of neck warmer and fingerless mitens. I've used 5 needles to kneet the mitens but the border is a made of row of double crochets pointed by picots.

 I wanted to make the set more elegant than my casual style since it is for my mom and I've decided some goldish buttons would help.
My first notion was to put buttons with dark glass center and gold petals-like rounding. Couldn't find such ones.Typicall.
Then, I've found those ones. I think they fit very well, don't they?

 Have a nice weekend to all of you !

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Rather Rat

Well, my January Sew Along is finished.
My mom gave me some wadding yesterday so I could run full steam with sewing.
We sent the kids asleep and I sat by my machine...
Then had some evening phone conference with mom about the lining. I think I'll never get the stage of imagination how to sew it properly to be able to turn it inside-out :))))

So , let me introduce you ....
"Miss Rather-Rat"

I've used the same fabric to sew the bally as for the ears

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Do something pretty for me...

With these words and after choosing the yarn my mom asked me for kind of garment for her.
Frankly speaking I did not have any idea two 50g ball could be enough.
Few day ago I've tried to use a crochet but it only ended up with wasting about 2 m of this yarn.

I started with small part of project to gauge. When  I wanted to unravel it - it was absolutely impossible. I was sad and angry a lot. I had only those two small balls and to point it all I had to cut off this part I've used for a crochet.

Finally, I've decided to knit a simple rice pattern. I think it was excellent idea since it is perfect to show off how beautifully the colors blend with each other.
As for now I've used one full ball and so far have something like 1/3 of the final project ;) I think it should be ready before the weekend ( if my baby girl will be so generous to take one midday nap a day - which is not so obvious)

One 50g ball Drops Delight , needles size 3,5 mm and it  councluded with knitwear sized 45x34 cm

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sew Along @ "Szczecin Szyje"

January Sew Along edition theme at "Szczecin Szyje" is purse.
Since I was amazed by mouse-like-one I've decided do join the group to sew one for my daughter.

To choose a project and collect materials is the first stage.
I've found some perfect fabrics at second hand shop. The one in the middle I'm going to use to sew a skirt for my baby girl as well.


I've also started a project with Drops Delight yarn.
It's not for crochet definitely. But that's a story for another post.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

An Owl Cable Sweater

It is not a secret a rustic style in child clothing is special to me. 
No other way is better to express the freedom of childhood, unihibited nature, the energy and love to phisical activity.

I'm pleased my son shares my enjoy and can't wait to wear his owl cable sweater. It is almost finished.Just need to assure all edge floss before the regular use. I've showed the sweater yesterday and he said "Mom, this owl is really awesome - just like I wanted it to be".

This is my first "full sized" kid cable sweater I've designed and knitted.I'm very proud of myself  :)
Hope you like it too ;)

I would be grateful if you leave a comment so I knew your opinion. It is always inspiring to hear from others :)

The sweater is for 5-7 years old (116-122).
To knit it I've used full six 50g balls Drops LIMA yarn and broached the seventh one.
Needles size 4 mm

 Drops Lima is a mix of 65% wool and 35% alpaca. It is the first time I've used it and it was good choice for a sweater like this. Since I've purchased it online at I had to base on the description, couldn't touch it. It is kind of risk but the shop offers a really good description which helps a lot.
The yarn is a bit harsh and tight while knitting but when I've washed it before blocking it has showed the real nature. The yarn become soft, pliable and the cables got the right look.

I'm going to publish the tutorial but please, let me get some time.Need to sew a pirate costume now for a fancy dress ball ;)

The sweater has open neck and enlarged the armchole area ( my son panics a little when parts of his body seem to stuck in the cloth, so I wanted to make him feel comfortable)

 I love the knobs

 This is the sweater that was my inspiration - an old, washed out and too small