Wednesday, 8 January 2014

An Owl Cable Sweater

It is not a secret a rustic style in child clothing is special to me. 
No other way is better to express the freedom of childhood, unihibited nature, the energy and love to phisical activity.

I'm pleased my son shares my enjoy and can't wait to wear his owl cable sweater. It is almost finished.Just need to assure all edge floss before the regular use. I've showed the sweater yesterday and he said "Mom, this owl is really awesome - just like I wanted it to be".

This is my first "full sized" kid cable sweater I've designed and knitted.I'm very proud of myself  :)
Hope you like it too ;)

I would be grateful if you leave a comment so I knew your opinion. It is always inspiring to hear from others :)

The sweater is for 5-7 years old (116-122).
To knit it I've used full six 50g balls Drops LIMA yarn and broached the seventh one.
Needles size 4 mm

 Drops Lima is a mix of 65% wool and 35% alpaca. It is the first time I've used it and it was good choice for a sweater like this. Since I've purchased it online at I had to base on the description, couldn't touch it. It is kind of risk but the shop offers a really good description which helps a lot.
The yarn is a bit harsh and tight while knitting but when I've washed it before blocking it has showed the real nature. The yarn become soft, pliable and the cables got the right look.

I'm going to publish the tutorial but please, let me get some time.Need to sew a pirate costume now for a fancy dress ball ;)

The sweater has open neck and enlarged the armchole area ( my son panics a little when parts of his body seem to stuck in the cloth, so I wanted to make him feel comfortable)

 I love the knobs

 This is the sweater that was my inspiration - an old, washed out and too small


  1. Warkocze są przepiękne. Włóczka też fantastyczna, ciekawa jestem, czy gryzie?

  2. Nie gryzie ;) Na skali "gryźności' umieściłabym ją w okolicach 4,5-5, gdzie 1 to Himalaya everyday a 10 Nako Lady ( totalnie nie do zniesienia)

  3. Piękny sweterek. Kiedyś też popełniłam na drutach kilka rzeczy, dawno temu....Dzisiaj już chyba nic nie pamiętam z robienia na drutach...Twoje warkocze są cudne.

    1. Dziękuję :) Tym bardziej, że to pierwsza taka większa, ubraniowa rzecz z tyloma splotami. Ja też daaawno temu coś tam dziergałam ale to mało skomplikowane drobiazgi były.Warkocze są bardzo wdzięczne do pracy - szybko widać efekty i robota jakoś tak prędko idzie :)

    2. Tak, warkocze są super. Kiedyś umiałam takie zrobić a dzisiaj patrzę na te Twoje i sobie uświadamiam, że kompletnie nic nie pamiętam:)))) Ściągacz tylko i kilka wzorów ( wzięłam z ciekawości dzisiaj druty do ręki)