Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Do something pretty for me...

With these words and after choosing the yarn my mom asked me for kind of garment for her.
Frankly speaking I did not have any idea two 50g ball could be enough.
Few day ago I've tried to use a crochet but it only ended up with wasting about 2 m of this yarn.

I started with small part of project to gauge. When  I wanted to unravel it - it was absolutely impossible. I was sad and angry a lot. I had only those two small balls and to point it all I had to cut off this part I've used for a crochet.

Finally, I've decided to knit a simple rice pattern. I think it was excellent idea since it is perfect to show off how beautifully the colors blend with each other.
As for now I've used one full ball and so far have something like 1/3 of the final project ;) I think it should be ready before the weekend ( if my baby girl will be so generous to take one midday nap a day - which is not so obvious)

One 50g ball Drops Delight , needles size 3,5 mm and it  councluded with knitwear sized 45x34 cm

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