Thursday, 23 January 2014

"Something pretty" done

Just like I said - the project is ready before the weekend...but not the one I've planned ;))

It's absolutely out of control when the child doesn't sleep few nights in a row, the other one is supposed to learn by heart some rhymes, then both start coughing and one day you find out it's Thursday...but the next week.

It is a light set of neck warmer and fingerless mitens. I've used 5 needles to kneet the mitens but the border is a made of row of double crochets pointed by picots.

 I wanted to make the set more elegant than my casual style since it is for my mom and I've decided some goldish buttons would help.
My first notion was to put buttons with dark glass center and gold petals-like rounding. Couldn't find such ones.Typicall.
Then, I've found those ones. I think they fit very well, don't they?

 Have a nice weekend to all of you !


  1. It's definitely not Your style. But it's also really nice :)

  2. Thx !
    Hope she likes the idea ;))))

  3. Replies
    1. Dziękuję :)
      Ja tez jestem pod wielkim urokiem cieniowanych włóczek.