Monday, 28 October 2013

Busy Sunday

Children grows up constantly so it makes me checking their wardrobe... constantly :)
There are days I feel like beeing clothes vending mashine manager.
So was this weekend.

This pink set I've knitted in summer 2012.
That was the time I 've decided to refresh my knitting skills. I hadn't been touching needles for years. Then my baby daughter appeared and that was excellent motivation to change it.

To knit it I've used Bergere de France IDEAL - a mix of unshrinkable wool, acrylic and polyamid in Cyclamen color.
For one 43cm beanie, a shawl and a pair of little leg warmers I needed  two 50g balls of yarn. Needles size 3.5.

Well, it doesn't fit her anymore. Time to find a new baby owner.

The leg warmers were my first project I was practising 5 needles. Definitely I've messed up the beggining since the pattern was kind of spiral.

The yarn is soft despite the wool, but it is not productive at all. The set was knitted for 6-8 months baby so was really small.

It has  really nice glint.The yarn looks more upstanding.

Yesterday I've also visited a second-hand shop nearby. Needed some fabrics to make a Halloween top cloth for my son. I've ended up with a black jersey (now I hate it) blouse and two T-shirs, white and orange.

I've even used some kitchen tools to help myself with the ghost...

"Mom, make it really scary, please!"

 (Hell it is, when you look at the sewing. The jersey is @$#%*(&&^*(*^$#$#%^^& to work with for such an amateur like me).

It is extremally  ugly but the preschooler said :" Wow!" 
Will not understand it ever.

Along with the black-white-orange clothes I've bought a linen tablecloth. It had one small whole and someone had got rid of it. I've figured out it is a perfect fabric for kitchen.

 I've teared it...

Ironed the sides...


 And now I have six brand new linen dishtowels ;)

At 7 p.m I felt deadly tired.

Today I go back to my crochet project. It is more relaxing.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Let's warm the neck...along with the rest :)

Last Wednesday I got the yarn I've ordered. 
It took me quite long to find something soft, warm, colorful and not pilling yet not woolish. Impossible?? 
No!! :))))
Himalaya promises it all.

I had to knit a set for my son. That's why the wishlist was so strict. We already had this black jacket so I wanted to put some life into his outfit. Especially since clothes for toddlers are more vivid but the older the kid gets the more gloomy the clothes are. 
My preschooler is full of energy so I thought this set of colors will be just great. 
And I was right - when he saw the yarn he couldn't wait to have it done. 
Well, I was anxious too ;)

To my surprise it appeared to be very comfortable to work with. Fuzzy, cozy, soft...delightful.
I used whole 100g ball (250m) to knit a neck warmer with needles  size 4.5
For the bobble I had to broach another one ball.

I wonder if it really can handle whole season staying so perfect ;)

From the other hand - I have a set for my toddler daughter.
I've knitted it last autumn and since it was too loose it fits good this time as well.
To knit a beanie and a neck warmer I've used almost two 50g balls of Bergere de France Barisienne, color Titane .
It's acrylic and despite it's fine to work with it pills. It's a pity.
As I remember well I used needles size 4.5 and 3.5 for beanie.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Chill out with fillet

Finally finished.

Love this technique - it's simple and relaxing while doing, the project goes on pretty fast and what's more - gives spectacular effects. Blocking is necessary since nor the size neither the pattern is appropriate if you leave it as it is.

To crochet this traycloth I used one 100g ball of ARIA floss - 425m.
Hook size 2.
This concluded with project sized 45 x 67 cm

 The project's pattern available in Sabrina Robótki 6/2012

Monday, 14 October 2013

Butterflies - personalised bookmarks

Today is The Teacher's Day.

My son's teachers are very nice and do really hard job dealing with those small devils so I thought I would honour them on that day with something more special than traditional flower which is going to fade in few days.

"The Butterflies" is the name the group he's attending so I figured this is the way I should go.

I had an initial conception but when I saw that the violet "blend" floss doesn't blend at all but produce some kind of scary double-color markings I've panicked. It doesn't look as it should have!!!

Well, anyway I used it.

 I do the blocking here

Fitting the wings

After that found out that I had sew them upside down  ...... *^^%&(&*(*^%%#$@$

Let's see what do we have here...

And here are the bookmarks 

Personalised, so each of them could have something only for her.

I hope they will make them smile.
Will...since Young Gentleman has an allergy attack at the moment so he had to stay at home to recover and take medicines diligently.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

My first mittens

I always wanted to have ones but first of all I thought it is extremely difficult. But few days ago I've seen those .
I've grabbed the simplest acrylic I had and started putting together the notion with my skills.

Now, I know acrylic has been used for the first and last time for such project. It's a waste of time.
I've tested these mittens yesterday twice and they already have a look of old ones.  Grrrrr....

Still, they are verrrry warm ;) and helped my hands stay warm while pushing the pram.

Were done all round, no sewing -the featherstitch knitted with 5 needles, the body- crocheted

Here they are

 This pilling effect is frustrating as hell ...

 Quite fuzzy

Well, it's the trial version eventually.

Need to search for more applicable yarn.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shawl...shrug...neck warmer...don't know yet

Just couldn't resist when I saw this yarn. Shimmering, racy cloud around my shoulders, with a delicate scent of my imagination boosted.
 I still haven't clarified my vision so the form of the project is open at the moment. Some other  forms await to be finished so pressue.
It has to be something special :)

So far the plan provides for more fanciful pattern in the middle of the project so the shoulders could show it.