Monday, 27 January 2014

Playing with beads

I have a speed of a turtle with my hooking and knitting these days. Little Lady's still fevering, sneezing and hanging on my arms like a little monkey.
I'm extremally lucky if I have an opportunity to knit one round a day :)))
Since I'm knitting with needles 3,5 mm you can imagine how the project bilds up....

But I do absolutely new thing - I bead while knitting.
After 4th day I can say I do better and better :))) My hands seem to adjust to such precise moves, the floss does not delaminate...that much. It's pretty tough since the hook size is ..........0,5 mm!!!
I did some google research how to bead and after damaging kind of a tool that helps to bead the floss I've decided to try another method - tiny crochet. It was pretty hard to buy one. Some sellers ( and shoppers too) were quite surprised when I asked for it.

But now I do my beading thing and here I'm sharing with you some photos I took while knitting

Enjoy ;)

piece of the project

 my beading set

see how tiny the hook is?

For almost a year I did not have the idea what I coud use this yarn for.Now I know why...I needed those beautiful beads to go with my carrot red yarn :)

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