Monday, 28 October 2013

Busy Sunday

Children grows up constantly so it makes me checking their wardrobe... constantly :)
There are days I feel like beeing clothes vending mashine manager.
So was this weekend.

This pink set I've knitted in summer 2012.
That was the time I 've decided to refresh my knitting skills. I hadn't been touching needles for years. Then my baby daughter appeared and that was excellent motivation to change it.

To knit it I've used Bergere de France IDEAL - a mix of unshrinkable wool, acrylic and polyamid in Cyclamen color.
For one 43cm beanie, a shawl and a pair of little leg warmers I needed  two 50g balls of yarn. Needles size 3.5.

Well, it doesn't fit her anymore. Time to find a new baby owner.

The leg warmers were my first project I was practising 5 needles. Definitely I've messed up the beggining since the pattern was kind of spiral.

The yarn is soft despite the wool, but it is not productive at all. The set was knitted for 6-8 months baby so was really small.

It has  really nice glint.The yarn looks more upstanding.

Yesterday I've also visited a second-hand shop nearby. Needed some fabrics to make a Halloween top cloth for my son. I've ended up with a black jersey (now I hate it) blouse and two T-shirs, white and orange.

I've even used some kitchen tools to help myself with the ghost...

"Mom, make it really scary, please!"

 (Hell it is, when you look at the sewing. The jersey is @$#%*(&&^*(*^$#$#%^^& to work with for such an amateur like me).

It is extremally  ugly but the preschooler said :" Wow!" 
Will not understand it ever.

Along with the black-white-orange clothes I've bought a linen tablecloth. It had one small whole and someone had got rid of it. I've figured out it is a perfect fabric for kitchen.

 I've teared it...

Ironed the sides...


 And now I have six brand new linen dishtowels ;)

At 7 p.m I felt deadly tired.

Today I go back to my crochet project. It is more relaxing.

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