Monday, 21 October 2013

Let's warm the neck...along with the rest :)

Last Wednesday I got the yarn I've ordered. 
It took me quite long to find something soft, warm, colorful and not pilling yet not woolish. Impossible?? 
No!! :))))
Himalaya promises it all.

I had to knit a set for my son. That's why the wishlist was so strict. We already had this black jacket so I wanted to put some life into his outfit. Especially since clothes for toddlers are more vivid but the older the kid gets the more gloomy the clothes are. 
My preschooler is full of energy so I thought this set of colors will be just great. 
And I was right - when he saw the yarn he couldn't wait to have it done. 
Well, I was anxious too ;)

To my surprise it appeared to be very comfortable to work with. Fuzzy, cozy, soft...delightful.
I used whole 100g ball (250m) to knit a neck warmer with needles  size 4.5
For the bobble I had to broach another one ball.

I wonder if it really can handle whole season staying so perfect ;)

From the other hand - I have a set for my toddler daughter.
I've knitted it last autumn and since it was too loose it fits good this time as well.
To knit a beanie and a neck warmer I've used almost two 50g balls of Bergere de France Barisienne, color Titane .
It's acrylic and despite it's fine to work with it pills. It's a pity.
As I remember well I used needles size 4.5 and 3.5 for beanie.

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