Monday, 14 October 2013

Butterflies - personalised bookmarks

Today is The Teacher's Day.

My son's teachers are very nice and do really hard job dealing with those small devils so I thought I would honour them on that day with something more special than traditional flower which is going to fade in few days.

"The Butterflies" is the name the group he's attending so I figured this is the way I should go.

I had an initial conception but when I saw that the violet "blend" floss doesn't blend at all but produce some kind of scary double-color markings I've panicked. It doesn't look as it should have!!!

Well, anyway I used it.

 I do the blocking here

Fitting the wings

After that found out that I had sew them upside down  ...... *^^%&(&*(*^%%#$@$

Let's see what do we have here...

And here are the bookmarks 

Personalised, so each of them could have something only for her.

I hope they will make them smile.
Will...since Young Gentleman has an allergy attack at the moment so he had to stay at home to recover and take medicines diligently.

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