Friday, 15 November 2013

Himalaya Padisah Lover ;)

This is third neck warmer knitted with Himalaya Padisah.
It is a mix of 30% wool and 70% poliacrylic.

I'm big fan of that yarn for such projects.
It's not enough soft to wear close to my skin but having it around top of my neck and partly the face -it's good .

The projects are warm, the pattern is noticeable, the knitwear beautifuly falls into the place. It is pliable, doesn't creak while knitting and the colors quaintly blend together.

For a neck warmer I've used two 100g/180m balls.
Needles size 6.

This set of colors is a 2013 novelty.

While knitting you can find the pink of raspberry, the orange of summer sunset, the green of Granny Smith Apple, the yellow of mustard  and the violet of sweet plum.Even the blue has two tonations - the blue of forget-me-not and cornflower.


I've waited about a week for a good light to take those pictures but day by day clouds were covering the sky. Today I've moved all the phalenopsises from the window, put the curtains aside, moved other furniture in the room to get the manequin close to natural light.
Hope it was worth it :)

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