Monday, 25 November 2013

Cable shrug - the second life of a beanie, turtle neck and a tippet

Acrylic "Kotek" has been bought quite by chance more than a year ago.
I was determined to learn  to knit cables and had no yarn so I went to shop, grab this one and started to play with.

Firstly I've knitted a cable tippet but one ball wasn't enough. The knitwear was to tight even as for me :) so after some time I've bought another one ball and enlarged the tipped.This time it was too loose so I've used it few times as a neck warmer for my kids (after half a year lying on the bottom of my drawer).
I've spent the rest of yarn for a beanie for me ( but wasn't satisfied as well) and for kind of turtle neck for my son as he wasn't able to operate with shawl.
He didn't liked the garment so for another few months all those things lied down unused...till last week.

I've unravelled the beanie and the rest saving the main corps of a tippet and started knitting...
The Right Thing :)

This time I think I'll wear it pretty often since I like it a lot.
It's acrylic so it's crispy while knitting. Has no gloss which I like . It's absolutely matt. But is warm what you cannot overrate at this time of a year. It's cheap as well as it isn't of high quality.

To knit it I've used two 100g/300m balls


Good light today so I took a few pictures of another Himalaya neck warmer.
I would never look at this mix of colors but needed sth to my winter jacket. I liked others sets of colors but when I tried them on - they were absolutely unconsortable.
The one I've chosen eventually, looked really dull. But the jacket tonation let it show the true appeal.

I'm still working over some Advent crochet project...will present it soon but beeing bored of ucountable stitches needed a breake ;)


  1. Your bobbles look great in the shrug :) I wonder what the difference is really between bobbles and nupps? Is it the kind of yarn? I remember now that I've tried them with a thicker yarn in a hat before! They seemed much easier though ;) Here is the link:

    1. Well, I think the kind of yarn is the right deduction.Nupps seem to be tiny ones. Just like a nippy or sth like that.
      Your bobbles are really impressive ;)))