Thursday, 3 April 2014

Before it gets really warm

... I will enjoy my new woolish dress.
It is model no. 107/108 from Burda 9/2012.
I had to do some modifications since I'm not that tall and I wanted the dress to have short sleeves but the original model was predicted to be made out of lace and the description of how to sew the sleeves didn't apply at all.
It turned out to be very easy to do so I am going to sew another one - for summer time
. Especially since I love the 60's styling from this model.

The zipper :) 


 ...and the dart

 Sleeves that I've changed

 And the neckline I wanted to be sleek

 I do crochet ...still. My favourite filet...but the 1,25 mm hook size takes years :)))

Good day to all :)

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