Monday, 9 December 2013

Bad Piggies Beanie

Again Himalaya yarn ;)

But when I saw this tonation of green the idea of knitting Bad Piggies beanie for my son appeared immediatelly.

Firstly I thought I'll prepare a surprice beanie, The King.
But knowing Mr My-Own-Opinion I decided to ask him which one he likes the most.
To my surprice he has chosen the one I would never guess...since I dislike the mustache a lot.

Here's the Bad Mustache Piggies Beanie 

Sorry for the quality of picture - it doesn't show the real green shade - but for a long while the weather perfectly fits the Edward Cullen's needs.

 ( of course the traycloth still awaits for it's picture but since lack of good light and lack of enough room to expose it rightly...need to figure out sth)

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