Saturday, 14 December 2013

A satin sheet can be very helpful

As I told lately - I had some difficulties with placing the traycloth to be able to take few good enough pictures. One morning, making my bed, I had a brainwave - I can use this cobalt satin sheet!!!
Well, I had to find and iron it firstly :)

But it is not the first time when the best ideas come in the morning. For sure a robe and a mug of coffee is prerequisite...

The pattern you can find in Sabrina Robótki 6/2012.
I used four 30g/200m balls of Kaja floss.
Hook size 1.25

The project size is 97 cm in diameter.

Oryginally, the pattern says the finished project is about 56 cm in diameter but it is a mistake for sure. Well, it's getting typical with this publisher. Annoying.

Anyway - this is my Advent Traycloth :

Remember those tricky treble crochet? 
This is the convex effect you can get with them :

And with the Advent Wreath my mom made :)

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